YouTuber Ricky Dillon Comes Out As Asexual

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Ricky Dillon sets the record straight about his sexuality in his latest YouTube vlog.
After years of being bombarded with questions about his sexuality, Ricky Dillon is finally putting it all to rest by addressing it head on.
In what is basically a confessional video titled ‘My Sexuality,’ Ricky opened up about why he decided to tackle the difficult subject in a very personal vlog. The YouTuber explained that he felt like it was time to tell the world about his sexuality because fans have accused him of not being upfront with them.
Ricky then went on to say that even though he’s coming out as asexual, he’s not fully sure if that is what he is. Instead of defining the word for people who aren’t sure what asexual means, the YouTuber decided to explain where he stands in terms of sexuality.
As for why he didn’t reveal this sooner, Ricky admitted that lack of information about asexuality caused him to not come out. The YouTuber said that asexuality is QUOTE, “very uncommon…it’s pretty rare and not really talked about. If I knew what I was, I would’ve come out ages ago.”
Since his video, Ricky has received an overwhelming amount of support from fans, the YouTube community, and his peers.

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