Why Lizzo Struggled To Become Famous

Lizzo’s Struggle To Stardom Was Not An Overnight Success And Came With Many Challenges
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Lizzo is a GRAMMY award winning superstar who has lit up the stage at Coachella and the Glastonbury Festival. She’s collaborated with major stars, such as Ariana Grande, Missy Elliott, Charli XCX, and Gucci Mane. If you’re wondering what makes her feel “Good as Hell,” just blame it on the “Juice.” She’s a fashion icon for plus-size women. And she’s just getting started with her breakout album, “Cuz I love You.”

But Lizzo’s life hasn’t always been easy. She lost her father before he was able to see her rise to stardom. This caused her to fall into a deep depression. She’s had to live in her car or sleep on the floor at her former band’s rehearsal space. But through it all, she never lost her confidence. Her mission is to turn all the “haters into congratulators.” Anyone who sees Lizzo perform can tell that this is just the beginning for the icon who is challenging beauty standards and bringing people joy with her music. During her journey, Lizzo has lived all over the U.S., from Detroit, to Houston, to Minneapolis, to Los Angeles. She’s not shy about her slow rise to fame and success, claiming that it’s been a struggle because she felt like she was put on the back shelf due to her non-traditional beauty. Now it seems everyone wants to experience the glow of her luster. The true story of how Lizzo became an icon is not without its struggles. But she’s determined to shine and make everyone around her shine too.

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