True Blood Season 6 Finale – Eric Dies NAKED?! Season 7 Spoilers!

True Blood Season 6 Finale – Eric Dies NAKED?! Season 7 Spoilers! Will Sookie and Alcide last, will Eric return or is he really dead? – Subscribe Now! – Follow Us! – Send a Tweet! – Like Us! – Visit our site!
True Blood’s Big Finale — is Eric really dead? We have the answer!
Last night’s final episode of season 6 was intense, violent and — if you’re a fan of Eric’s, then well, it was depressing. After much speculation that he would be killed off — it seemed like it actually happened, at least for a cliff-hanger’s sake. As for whether or not he REALLY met the true death. I don’t think that’s what happened.
Producers weighed in on the big finale – and while they definitely confirmed Warlow was dead, they couldn’t exactly say the same for Eric. Take a look — and listen carefully to the wording….
Burn, yes. But did he die, I think somehow he was able to sink into the snow and preserve himself? Wishful thinking? Perhaps… But, it’s a possibility, right? Some people also think that Pam could have showed up in the nick of time. Also, a good theory.
Oh and yes, Alexander Skarsgard definitely went full-frontal nude in last night’s episode. I just don’t think that was his big send-off though, not after the way the show dedicated so much to Terry when he died.
As for Sam, I guess he’s the mayor of Bon Temp though? What are his qualifications? I have not a clue. Tara and her mom seemed to have rectified somewhat…. But, I’m a little worried her mom was infected with hep V. I hope that’s not the case though.
As for Warlow and Sookie — Warlow, like I mentioned — is definitely dead. Bill is trying to regain Sookie’s trust back, and I think we saw a different side of Bill last night…. Don’t you? I mean, he was willing to die for her safety….. and, at the end of the ep, offered her protection. Here’s the thing though — strangely, she’s back together with Alcide. Not sure how this is possible since Eric glamoured Alcide in season 5 to find Sookie “disgusting” romantically. Weird. Will they even last though? Don’t get your hopes up. Producers also weighed in on that situation. Take a look:
And, there you have it. As for season 7 — all, I know is that Hep V will play a major role in the upcoming season — which is not set to air until next summer.
Let’s talk though — did you like the season finale — or, did you hate it? And, do you think Eric is really DEAD? If not, what do YOU think happened to him? And, am I crazy for thinking Eric is alive and wanting him to reunite with Sookie?!
Sound off below — get creative, have fun… and then make sure to LIKE this video — and SUBSCIBE for more True Blood spoilers and other TV news. In Hollywood, I’m your host Katie Krause and thanks for watching! Bye for now!

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