The Truth About These Celebrities Break Ups Is Out

When It Comes To The Pandemic These Celebrity Couples Couldn’t Make It

The Covid pandemic and the quarantine have not been easy on anyone! Being stuck in the house for months was a true test of relationships. Plenty of celeb couples didn’t make it through the stress of being confined in close quarters, and called it quits.

Couples who lived together faced an added amount of stress during the Covid pandemic. For marriages and relationships that were already on the rocks, adding in the bonus of being stuck with each other 24/7 is a recipe for disaster.
Some favorite stars like Megan Fox, Scott Disick, SImone Biles, and even Kelly Clarkson couldn’t quite weather the storm with their significant other during this time.

Other adorable couples like Charli D’Amelio and Chase Hudson – and Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart – and even Cardi B and Offset, also called things off mid-pandemic.

Watch to see which other stars weren’t able to cope with being stuck with each other during the Covid lockdown!

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Written by: Laurie M.
Narrated by: Carmen S.
Edited by: Steven Suñe

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