The Real Reason Diane Keaton Never Married

One of the most popular actresses of the 1970s and 80s, Diane Keaton is best known for her roles in The Godfather franchise. Other notable works include Manhattan, Annie Hall, Baby Boom, The First Wives Club, Morning Glory, and most recently, Finding Dory and Book Club. She has received many awards including two Golden Globe Awards, an Academy Award, and a BAFTA Award as well as AFI Life Achievement Award, making her one of the accomplished actresses of her generation.

Born on January 5th, 1946, Diane Keaton rose to fame after her debut film Lovers and Other Strangers (1970) which she followed with several television shows such as American Style and Mannix. She then starred in The Godfather as the girlfriend of Michael Corleone, opposite Al Pacino whom she dated soon after the release of The Godfather Part II.

Diane recalls being absolutely mad on Pacino. The couple dated for close to sixteen years, but their relationship ended by the time The Godfather III came by after she gave him an ultimatum to get married and he refused.

Diane Keaton’s relationship history is very star-studded. In addition to Pacino, she has had relationships with Woody Allen, Jack Nicholson, and Warren Beatty. But even with her relationship history, Diane has stayed never been. She is the mother of two adopted children and, at the moment is single.

In a recent interview, Keaton revealed why she never got married and her answer might surprise you. Find out why Diane Keaton never got married in this video.

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