Teen Kicked Out of Prom When Adults Can't Stop Staring

Claire Ettinger and James Thompson were planning on going to their Prom together when they were in the 8th grade. They went with there friends and were excited for a fantastic night! Before the dance, the school made it clear of any dress code violation that would get the students in trouble. One included the fingertip test to make sure dresses were an “appropriate” length. Claire, after finally finding the perfect dress, did the fingertip test many times and passed with flying colors each time. However, when she got to the prom, this is where her trouble began. Mrs. Duncan (prom chaperone), was very upset by Claire’s dress, even though it passed the test. She kept saying the adults can’t stop staring at her and they feel uncomfortable. She clapped back by calling out these perverted men who were chaperoning and feeling sexualized by 8th graders. After lots of back and forth, Claire is kicked out of prom. Wanna learn more about why this teen was kicked out of prom and the outcome the next day? Check out how dancing at prom got nationwide attention, and Subscribe to Facts Verse for more!

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