Selena Gomez Gets Emotional & CRIES During "Who Says" In Concert

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Selena Gomez gets all choked up in the middle of her concert, shedding some tears while preforming her popular song “Who Say’s”
It’s her concert and she’ll cry if she wants to, and let’s be real, you’ll probably end up crying too.
Selena Gomez and her Revival Tour stopped by Montreal, Canada on Thursday night and at one point during the concert, things took a turn AND got all kinds of emotional… While preforming her 2011 classic, ‘Who Says,’ Sel caught the feels, and now we too are crying out eyes out.
Belting out the self-empowerment anthem, sel got all choked up and started to cry a bit, letting the audience, who was already singing along, take over for a moment while she took a second to compose herself… My favorite part is you could tell she got a LITTLE bit embarrassed and even mouthed the F Word… LIKE… WHY’d I LET MYSELF do that!!!!
QUOTE: “You’ve seen me all go through my ups and downs and I couldn’t be more grateful for you guys every day.“
Let’s not forget to mention how perfect she looks with that flawless wind-blown, hair braid situation, matched with a nude top and just the right amount of makeup… Yup, if for some reason you didn’t lover her before, this IN and of itself will make you fall head over heels in love with the pop princess.
Alright FAM, let’s talk about this Selena Situation, I Love myself a good cry sesh performance, but let me know what you all are thinking in the comment section below, Subscribe to our channel because DUH, then, click right here to check out another performance where Adele, vocal goddess, messed up the lyrics in her OWN song… I’m Ryland Adams, let’s be BFF’s all over social media, It’s a long weekend so party hardy, BYEEE.

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