Kylie Jenner Lavish Birthday Trip On $250 Million Dollar Yacht

Exclusive Inside Kylie Jenner’s 22nd Birthday Week Leading Up To Her Spending Her 22nd Birthday on 250 Million Dollar Super Yacht, with her closest friends and family In Italy.
Kylie Jenner’s 22nd birthday is everything we hoped it would be: extremely lavish. She’s left us all shook before with the birthday she threw for her daughter, Stormi. Remember “Stormi World”? It was literally an amusement park for her baby. The Kar-Jenner’s have always made sure their parties are the best of the best, so why should Kylie’s birthday be any different? For Kylie’s 22nd she hired a $250 million boat! Well, not a boat really… A “Super Yacht”. This boat is the size of a football field, can hold 22 passengers, and even has a spa in it. But Kylie spent a lot of time hanging out in Italy too. They shopped in Portofino, had lovely dinners in Capri, and yes they spent time on the yacht off the coast too. Kylie’s beau, Travis Scott, was along for the trip and had several sweet date nights with Kylie while Stormi stayed on the yacht with the nanny. Seriously this whole birthday was #goals. But the birthday celebrations for Kylie started earlier on in the week, with her whole house being covered in rose petals for her by Travis Scott. Kim K also sent Kylie a chair shaped like a pair of lips because #KylieCosmetics. Kylie was even given a diamond chain on her actual birthday. It was literally dripping with jewels. But are any of you surprised? She’s a freaking billionaire! If you ever wanted to know how the rich and famous throw their 22nd birthdays, Kylie’s is the standard for sure.

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