Kristen Stewart's Twilight Daughter Has Grown Up To Be Beautiful

Mackenzie Foy Twilight Saga ‘Renesmee Cullen’ Is As Gorgeous As Ever.

In 2011, fans of the Twilight film series were finally introduced to Bella Swan and Edward Cullen’s offspring. The scene where Bella gave birth was pretty shocking. Since Bella was a human, there was no way that she could survive a vampire birth. So, Edward had no choice but to turn her into a vampire to save her life. Fans clung to every last minute of the end of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I. Then, miraculously, Bella became a vampire, and everyone in the theater sighed with relief. Of course, this scene wasn’t really much of a shock for fans who read the book. They knew that Bella would give birth to Renesmee, who would grow into a little girl in the blink of an eye. But have you ever wondered what happened to Mackenzie Foy, the actress who played Renesmee? Let us know in the comments and then click subscribe to get more incredible videos from TheTalko.

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