Harry Styles Dishes On Who "Sweet Creature" Is About & Jokes About Helicopter Stunt

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Harry Styles reveals his new song “Sweet Creature” is about one special person in particular!
…but he isn’t ready to say WHO just yet.
Harry Styles chatted on air with 102.5 FM’s The Zach Sang and The Gang Show and talked about his second solo single, “Sweet Creature”. Harry confirmed our notion that the song is about one special person.
But in true Harry fashion, he wouldn’t reveal who exactly the song was about. However, he did explain WHY. Take a listen.
So does the person know the song is about them? Harry told the radio hosts he’s not sure if the person knows. But if someone thought the song was about them, he would never tell them they were wrong.

Harry also mentioned in the interview that “Sweet Creature” was the first song he wrote for his debut solo album. Speaking of his new album, we’re patiently waiting for Harry’s first music video for “Sign of the Times”. In another radio chat Harry joked about being seen dangerously dangling out of a helicopter on set last month. Harry joked that the tight harness helped with the high notes also saying QUOTE, “Yeah that’s how I go to work. Go to grab my coffee. I just drop in… It was mental if I’m honest.”

Well we’re glad harry is back on the ground safe and sound. Ok guys- tell us below who YOU think “Sweet Creature” is about? We can’t wait to see your predictions. Now check out this video to see why fans think Brad Pitt copied a Harry Styles photoshoot! I’m your host Tom Plumley, I’ll catch you guys next time.

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