First Photo of Live-Action Kim Possible Movie Has Fans MAJORLY Divided

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Kim Possible debuted as a cartoon about a crime fighting teenager back in 2002. And to say kids were obsessed is an understatement. I wanted to be Kim Possible. I wanted to shop at Club Banana and be a cheerleader in my spare time off from fighting bad guys.

The internet lost it when a live-action movie version of the TV show was announced way back in February. Now, we are getting a sneak peak at Kim Possible, played by 16 year old Sadie Stanley.

While she’s not naturally a redhead- they’ve dyed her hair and eyebrows to look the part! She’s wearing the black turtleneck, the green pants, the belt with multiple pockets that some might call a badass fanny pack, and the black gloves.

Disney Channel tweeted a video comparison of the animated character and the live action version and said QUOTE, “From the animated world to live-action – the first look at Sadie Stanley as the iconic character Kim Possible debuted today. The Disney Channel Original Movie will premiere in 2019.”

It was also announced that the film finished shooting on Friday!

Anyway, while some were extremely excited to see the reveal of Kim’s crime fighting look, others were pointing out some flaws, primarily in the costume.

A lot of people were comparing it to a Halloween costume with one person saying, “This looks like a stock photo for a Kim Possible halloween costume”

One person said QUOTE, “Even live-action Kim Possible has fallen victim to the eternal curse of womanhood: pants with no pockets”

One user tweeted QUOTE, “I have nothing against the girl who will be playing Kim Possible though. I just wanted the baggy pants back, that was, like, her signature.”

It’s just facts that Kim Possible was known for those baggy cargo pants with the giant pockets so she could store her Kimmunicator and all her other sick gadgets that Wade created.

Of course there are others taking issue with the turtleneck having a different top, how it’s not a crop top, and how Kim’s hair should be more voluminous, but the main issue really was with those darn cargo pants.

Most importantly, though, is the approval of Christie Carlson Romano aka the voice of the animated Kim Possible. She tweeted the look and said QUOTE, “I am freaking out about this outfit!!!

So there you have it! Are you into this look, or are you as upset about the pants as everyone else? Let us know in the comments below! And then click over here to watch another new video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channels. I’m your host Ava Gordy, thanks for watching Clevver and I’ll see you next time!

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