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THE BTS ARMY IS GOING IN ON AN AUSTRALIAN NEWS OUTLET FOR SOME UGLY AND RUDE COMMENTS IT MADE ABOUT BTS! AND NOW THE Australian news station has issued a formal apology for some racist and xenophobic statements it made about BTS!

What’s up guys it’s Emile Ennis Jr. with Clevver News. The entertainment news show 20 to One made some really regrettable remarks about the boy band.

After the segment hit the internet, ARMY got involved, trolled the station HARD and asked for an apology from the station. One person said,

“Dear Western media, especially Australia’s Channel 9… Stop comparing groups and artists to western ones. BTS is not the Korean 1D.”

Another person said “This is F*cking disgusting and racist…. Not only is it rude to the artists but y’all also offended armys.”

Earlier today, a representative for the channel issued an apology to CNN, saying quote “We apologize to any who may have been offended by last night’s episode”.

The show 20 to 1 also tweeted out their …. Minimalistic apology, which just read “We apologize for any disrespect or offence taken”.

Needless to say, they got ratio’d… hard.

A lot of people said “Effortless”

or “using the humor card to try to cover racism and prejudice is disgusting”

And then, for some reason, Australian comedian Alex Williamson got involved.
He wasn’t associated with the show at all, but he came to the defense of the station by replying to a member of ARMY, saying “shut the F up…. It ain’t racist they just don’t give a F about boy bands who are designed solely to extract money from the hip pocket of 14 year olds.

And obviously, he got ratio’d too

And he continued to go on… and on…and on about his disdain for the South Korean boy band

So now, the hashtag Fire Alex Williamson is trending and he continues to believe he is blameless in the whole thing.

BTS has not commented on any of this, and I wouldn’t hold my breath for a response from them either.

The story is still developing so we’ll make sure to update you if anything else happens.

But in the meantime let’s hear from you. Was this casual racism or a harmless joke? Let me know your take on it in the comments below

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