Bill Nye Had to Get a Restraining Order on His Ex-Wife

Discover the shocking life of Bill Nye the Science Guy. Most just know him as the happy-go-lucky goofball pseudo-scientist from that TV show you used to watch as a kid. Bill Nye has actually led quite the off-beat and peculiar life.

He also happens to have an ex-wife that is plumb crazy. Find out the truth about his failed marriage and how what started off as a sweet romance went crashing down into flames. You’re not going to want to miss this video. Stick around to find out some mind-blowing other details of Bill’s life as well.

For example, did you know that Bill invented a sundial that was sent to Mars to help calibrate the exploratory rovers? Or did you know that it was always his dream to become a NASA astronaut, but unfortunately, the space agency rejected him a total of 4 times.

When you’re finished watching this video, make sure you leave us a comment. Tell us what you think was Bill Nye’s greatest work. Did you enjoy Bill Nye The Science Guy or Bill Nye Saves the World more?

Bill Nye Had to Get a Restraining Order on His Ex-Wife
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