Barb's Fate On Stranger Things Season 2 Officially CONFIRMED

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Stranger Things Season 2 is set to make its epic comeback conveniently on Halloween this year, but the burning questions remains… will there be JUSTICE FOR BARB?!
So I’ve got good news and bad news, and because nobody likes to end with a heavy weight on their shoulders, here goes the bad news: Barb is still dead.

Ok, so that bit of news might’ve been a little painful to take in, but for real, Barb is dead. Like ACTUALLY really dead, and not like Walking Dead dead. As more and more info about the second season is slowly starting to seep out from the unknown, fans are really only interested in Barb’s actual fate, but rest assured, the show’s exec producer Shawn Levy, was quick to crush everyone’s hopes and dreams yesterday while chatting with Variety, and the truth ain’t pretty.
BUT I did promise you I’d end this dreaded bit of news on a good note, so here it is. Shawn and the show’s creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, know that Barb was an iconic, unfairly short-lived series staple, so justice has potential to be served on a Barb-shaped platter at some point during the series’ run. He finished off his statement by saying QUOTE, “But I will say that her memory and the search for justice for her is a part of season two.”

Told you I wouldn’t leave you hanging! And keep in mind that the fact that literally any and every strange thing has occurred in the city of Hawkins, Indiana, so a Barb resurrection doesn’t seem too far from the norm at this point. The upcoming season is also set to include throwback homages to classic ‘80s horror films like Ghostbusters and will also introduce a new enemy bound to put mad shame to the Demogorgon.

So how’s all THAT for getting your hopes up and giving you NO actual solid answers?! But if you’re REALLY going through Barb withdrawals that badly, you can always catch Shannon Purser on The CW’s Riverdale as a multiple-episode recurring role, making her debut on this Thursday’s episode.

While that holds you over for the time being, I want to know all your thoughts on Barb’s death and I know you’ve been wracking your brain with ways she’ll come back, so feel free to share all your wild thoughts right down here in the comments, and as always be sure to subscribe to Clevver news for all the latest updates. Thanks so much for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Paulina Cerrilla and I’ll see you next time!

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