7 Things You Didn't Know About One Direction

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Today we are breaking down the 7 things you didn’t know about One Direction. But I’m saying now that if you’re a really, really big Directioner, there’s a chance that you know some of these factoids — so put your 1D knowledge to the test and post a comment below with how many things you already knew… and be honest!!
Alright, we’ll start off really easy, did you know what Liam’s biggest fear is?? Is it a fear of heights? No. Is it a fear of spiders? No. Is it a fear of clown dolls? No… and it’s weirder than that. Liam has a phobia of spoons. He just doesn’t like knowing that other people have used them before him. Liam, I totally speak your language — that’s how I feel at the office. Since some people hand wash instead of using the dishwasher.
And this next one, well we just want an excuse to show you the footage… Did you know that Harry is a wedding singer?!?
Oh yeah, that’s Harry rocking out with his other band, White Eskimo. So before he joined 1D, Harry was the lead singer for the band and we hear that he didn’t even want to be a singer and instead hoped to join as a bassist, until his bandmates convinced him of his singing. So to the other 3 guys, Directioners say thank you!
And on a side note: Harry hates new shoes:

At number-3, it’s all about Niall. Did you know that he parties with President Obama?!? Oh yeah, you may have seen the pics from when Niall BBQed with some friends and he brought along his own life-sized statue of Obama. And we hear that the figure was a present from his bandmates.
Next, we’ve got a fact about Zayn — this is actually a 2-parter — so you may have already known that his real name is spelled ZA-I-N instead of with a “Y” — but did you know that this guy died and came back to life?! Kind of. The poor dude has been the victim of a few huge death hoaxes — when someone starts a rumor saying that the star died… The latest FALSE news is that the tragedy went down on March 19, 2014, reportedly after a fake RIP Zayn Malik Facebook page reportedly attracted more than 1-million likes — those likes are likely support for the singer from fans, although it could seem otherwise. He’s probably the most secretive of the guys, but we are 100-percent sure Zayn is well and alive!!
Moving on to our 5-spot in the 7 “things” you don’t know about 1D… or possibly you do — is that Liam was born apparently with only one working kidney. The story goes that he used to have to get shots in his arm and limit how much he drank due to the condition… but the kidney fixed itself in 2012!! QUOTE “Just been for an ultrasound on my kidney, turns out its fixed from (form) when I was a baby!!! So now I have two  #weirdnewsoftheday”
Weird, but good news, indeed.

Alright, and we haven’t forgotten about dear sweet Louis. I can remember the first time that he made me laugh out loud.
But when it comes to things you didn’t know about him — you probably know that his mom calls him Lewis not Louis, his first crush was Hermione Granger and that someone broke up with him when he was younger because QUOTE ‘I wasn’t good looking enough.’ That wasn’t very nice!! I guess the thing that I’m choosing to share with you is that Louis once got a gun pulled on him. He told The Sun that he got pulled over by the police and in Louis’ words QUOTE ‘The officer goes: ‘Listen, man, I can shut this thing down. You’re driving like a maniac.’ And I was like; ‘Man, put the gun down. I don’t want no trouble.’ Clearly the officer was talking about shutting down their music video shoot for What Makes You Beautiful. I think Directioners are happy that it wasn’t shut down in the end.

And now, our final thing that you didn’t — or potentially DID — know about 1D. The guys are obsessed with Pokemooon!!!

Alright, so the love for Pokemon is simply related to the fact that the guys were brand ambassadors when they first got together as a group, so you may have seen them in commercials and advertisements — or maybe even in the One Direction Pokemon Diaries!! It’s pretty fun to see 1D’s pure excitement in this footage — they’re hilarious… and I bet that’s one thing you DID know about One Direction!
Alright, that wraps up today’s episode of “7 Things You Didn’t Know” — how many of these 1D facts did you already know?? Post your number, along with any secrets that you think are worthy of noting, post in the comments section below. I’m Dana Ward — oh and click right over here to check out 7 Things You Didn’t Know about Lorde.

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