5 Signs That Prove Lady Gaga Is In Love With Bradley Cooper

Lady Gaga Called Off Engagement And It Might Be Bradley Cooper’s Fault.
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With A Star Is Born racking up the wins, it’s no surprise that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have been in the spotlight. But working on a movie together can lead to some pretty close and intense moments and any keen fans may have noticed that the pair have become particularly tight. Gaga has gushed over Bradley Cooper time and again in her acceptance speeches and even gone so far as to post an encore ode to her co-star and director on Instagram. Given her recent split from fiance Christian Carino, the rumor mill has been working over time to ship Bradley and Gaga. If they are trying to hide anything, she sure isn’t being too discreet, having recently gotten tattoos that may or may not link the pair together forever. And let’s not forget their amazing chemistry! So, today on The Talko, we’ll take a look at 5 reasons we totally think Gaga has the hots for Bradley Cooper.

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