25 Ways Britney Spears Spends Her Millions

From Shopping Sprees At Target To Her Legal Fees Find Out How This Pop Star Spends Her Money
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Since rising to fame as a teenager, pop star Britney Spears has found massive success in the entertainment industry. With her many successful albums, tours, product lines, and most recently, her impressive Vegas Residency, Britney now has an estimated net worth of almost 60 million dollars.

So what does the star spend all that cash on? Given her current situation being under guardianship of legal conservatorship, Britney only received a monthly allowance. She doesn’t have access to all of her funds – even though she earned them. Dancing on stage in heels is no easy feat.

Britney still finds ways to spend her millions. Aside from the bills such as her show production costs and inflated child support payments, she also has a little fun with her dough. From investing in real estate, giving to charity and helping out fans, to buying dogs, horses and parakeets, Britney isn’t afraid to drop the cash when necessary.

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Written by: Laurie M.
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Edited by: Ieva Lu

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