20 Things Jeffree Star Spends His Millions On

Jeffree Star Lives A Lavish Life In Private Jets, Yachts, and Luxury Cars. From His Crazy $14.6 Million Dollar Mansion To…
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Makeup mogul Jeffree Star knows a thing or two about cosmetics and he also knows his way around Sephora! But this social media celeb ends up spending money on a lot more than makeup. Thanks to his career he was able to afford an incredible Hidden Hills House which contains his expensive wardrobe stored behind a bulletproof safe. Then there’s his pinball collection which is so huge even his stately accommodations can’t hold them all! His kitchen is no less extravagant and in his cutlery drawer are golden Hermes spoons! Of course, the garage is chock filled with expensive vehicles including a Rolls Royce Wraith, a Tesla Model X, and a Lamborghini Hurcan. He was able to buy his now-ex boyfriend Nathan Schwandt his dream car and splurged on a generous Gucci makeover for Shane Dawson. Purses are a popular item, and while he treasures his Hermes bag, he straight up chopped a Chanel purse right in half! Safety is a top concern in this household, and Jeffree Star isn’t afraid to spend money on a top-notch security team, especially when he’s traveling.

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