20 Actors Who Secretly Despised Each Other On Set

20 Actors Who Didn’t Want To Work With Each Other On A Movie.
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Being an actor is a tough but a rewarding job. But just like in any job situation, sometimes you’ll be working with people you don’t really like. And when you’re a Hollywood actor, you just have to wing it and do the best you can do to get along. One Tree Hill, Game of Thrones, the Vampire Diaries, and even The Notebook all have something in common – things were pretty heated behind the scenes. You’ll never believe that Julia Roberts didn’t actually get along with Nick Nolte. Or that we’ll probably never know what it was actually like to work with Jerome Flynn and Lena Headey. And although Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush’s feud is pretty out in the open, it’s still hard to believe this all happened while One Tree Hill was till on air!

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