15 Laws The Royal Family DOES NOT Have To Follow

Rules the British Royal Family are allowed to break.
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You might have heard that British royalty have all kinds of weird rules that they have to obey, that the rest of us don’t have to follow. But did you know that there are loads of laws that the Royal Family can ignore? The Queen in particular has amazing rights when it comes to doing what she pleases, as we’ll show you in our video on 15 laws the Royal Family does not have to follow.

If you love royal facts about the British Monarchy then you’ll love these little-known facts. Queen Elizabeth doesn’t need certain official documents. She’s also able to break laws to do with dolphins and driving. Learn about Swan upping and the Freedom of Information Act and more.

Watch our video to see 15 laws the Royal Family does not have to follow, and tell us in comments which law you wish you didn’t have to abide by. Be sure to subscribe to TheTalko channel when you’re done!

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