10 Things Disney Doesn't Want You To Know

10 dark stories Disney is trying to keep secret from you. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3
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The Walt Disney Company wants to be perceived as instant happiness and everything good in the world. Their characters, movies and theme parks bring joy to children’s faces. They really make their material seem timeless as well and loved by all ages. Disney seems like the place where dreams come true and their reputation of keeping the happiness running is very important to them.

It’s why the company really strives to create perfect singing characters from Disney princesses to all-star heroes. Their Disney parks magically don’t have any trash on the grounds and their movies seem to be popular time and again. There’s no arguing needed about how Disney is one of the most powerful and entertaining companies on Earth.

Sure, Disney might be able to show on the outside on how perfect they are, but every company has a dark side. Do you ever wonder if the happy company has some skeletons in their closet? Not all companies can be that perfect and Disney has become known for slipping up a few times here and there. If you do a little digging, you can find deep dark secrets that Disney probably doesn’t want anyone to know.

You will be surprised when you learn some of Walt Disney Company’s secrets that aren’t hidden really well. Disney fanatics might know some of these secrets, but you’ll still be shocked to learn what they are. From cats working for Disneyland to a Snow White actress cheated on her first big voice job, Disney has a lot of explaining to do on some of these crazy controversies.

We don’t exactly know why Walt Disney had so many motherless characters in his films or the reason behind the abandoned water parks at Disney World. The Walt Disney Company has more secrets than you think. Some people have seriously done some investigating of these secrets and shared what they found online. Others like to theorize about these secrets and debate whether they’re really true.

It’s hard to argue how these facts are really shocking and that Disney tends to have more secrets than you think. The Walt Disney Company wants to be the perfect place where dreams come true, but how long can Disney hide its secrets? Even if Disney seems happy on the outside, every company has a lot of dark secrets if you dig a little deeper. Get ready to be surprised by these 10 shocking secrets Disney doesn’t want you to know.

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