10 Random Things That Are ILLEGAL In NORTH KOREA

10 Random normal things that just aren’t allowed in the People’s Republic of North Korea.
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Simply being able to log on to the internet and having access to a world of knowledge is something you probably take for granted. You do it every day without even thinking. But, would you believe that North Koreans could face going to prison camps for doing so? That’s not the only thing that will shock you in this video of 10 everyday things that are not legal in North Korea.

For those who don’t know, the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un, has a strong distaste for the United States. So anything coming from this country is frowned upon. One of those things happens to be an American staple: denim. That’s right; the dictator banned citizens from wearing denim because of its popularity in western culture.

If that sounds crazy to you, just wait until you hear about the other things the government bans from North Koreans. Music and Television from outside the country could land you and your family in a prison camp. There is a way to get your hands on western music in North Korea, but there is a pretty hefty price if you get caught. Somehow, this doesn’t keep people from viewing and listening to western entertainment.

One of the most ridiculous ways North Korea controls its citizens is by regulating the way they wear their hair. A photo of a list of government approved haircuts was released in 2015, and you’ll have to check out the video to see it!

There are even more things banned in this country that will blow your mind, like sarcasm, being alone, taking pictures, and much more. Check out the video, and be sure to react in the comment section below!

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