10 BTS Collaborations You Don't Want To Miss (Nicki Minaj, Steve Aoki, Chainsmokers)

K-POP Group BTS Is Growing Bigger Every Year and Collaborating With Music Sensations
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BTS, or “Beyond the Scene,” has risen to a height of fame many American rappers never even experience. The South Korean K-Pop band is the most retweeted group in the world and has their loyal followers called ARMY, who never let them down. Now with their immense amount of fame coming over to America, the group has been making some pretty cool collaborations. It seems like every artist wants a chance at making music with the seven BTS dudes. RM has had some notable collabs with top notch artists, while Jungkook and Suga have put their names on other tracks. The Big Hit Entertainment group is only seeing more success with each new song. It seems when it comes to singing, rapping, dancing, and being overall positive people, BTS can do no wrong. Watch this video as we show you the top ten collaborations that BTS has been a part of! And believe us, you don’t want to miss it. From Steve Aoki to Nicki Minaj, and even The Chainsmokers, these guys are pumping out hit tunes one after another! Remember to subscribe to TheTalko to keep getting awesome content on your favorite celebs!

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