Boundless Objects

4th August - 31st October 2018

An exhibition of artworks inspired by the bookbinding process. The exhibition is curated by Heléne van Aswegen, the acclaimed artist’s bookbinder whose work involves the exploration of the book as an artistic medium. As the curator of this show she has sourced and commissioned pieces that investigate, explore, and challenge the basic techniques and materials of making a book. Participating artists include Keith Dietrich, Christine Dixie, Neil le Roux, Ian Marley, David Paton, and Emma Willemse, among others. Manual book production typically includes folding, sewing, printing, glueing, images and text, which are either explored or subverted by these artists to present their version of what a book could be.

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Watershed: Art, Science and Elemental Politics

10th - 21st September 2018

University of the Witwatersrand

Organized by Lenore Manderson (Schools of Public Health and Humanities), Craig Sheridan, Centre in Water Research and Development, and David Andrew (School of Arts)

Art Installations and Scholarly Programme

Christine Dixie: Below the Sediments

Mixed media (polymer, brushed steel) - 5 panels 560 mm x 1200 mm

The Origins Centre

In the series Below the Sediments I superimpose two visual registers or languages. The first register is a depiction of a karoo landscape in which over two thirds of the image depicts the earth below. The inversion of the traditional depiction of the karoo landscape is part of a long-standing interest of mine in subverting traditional representations of ‘the picturesque landscape’. It is artwork that, in part, refers back to ‘art history’.

The second register is one that comes from the realm of science and engineering. I adapted the diagrammatic images I came across on the internet of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, (commonly known as fracking) to create hard edge ‘pipes’. The karoo landscape depicted on the front panels has literally been cut away to create the scientifically ordered, ‘pipes’ laid below the ground to extract gas from below the surface of the earth

The collision and collusion of the two ‘languages’ in Below the Sediments is revealing of the different epistemological strategies of art and science. In this artwork the two ‘languages’ are brought together to speak not only about this collision but about disturbing the dead that lie below the sediments.

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Kaunas in Art

18th October - November 2018

In conjunction with the Contemporary Art Gallery, Meno Parkas, based in Kaunas, Lithuania. Christine Dixie will be exhibiting her installation ‘To Be King’ as part of the Kaunas in Art International Art Festival.

Contemporary art gallery based in Kaunas, LITHUANIA, since 1997 by Lithuanian Artists' Association Kaunas department. "Meno parkas" is known as an active city's cultural engine, that runs contemporary Lithuanians' art and international projects, has wide experience abroad.

The Interior Project

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