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Christine Beatrice Dixie (South Africa, 1966) has made a philosophical habit of juxtaposing one story against another, leaving the viewer with a sense that they are caught at the intersection of contending narratives. Her work is intent on drawing the viewer into a mesmeric yet disquieting space. A deceptively calm surface is disrupted by an undercurrent, a counter-narrative that threatens to disrupt a tenuous vision of logic and stability.


She explores the history of colonial landscape representation in exhibitions such as Front Tears (1997); Track (2000) and Hide (2002). Her unsettling depiction of the violence that lies below the surface of the land was the subject matter of her work on the exhibition, Earth Matters: Earth as Metaphor and Material in the Arts of Africa, curated by Dr. Karen Milbourne (2013) and Conversations: African and American – American Art in Dialogue (2014) curated by Dr. Christine Kreamer, Smithsonian National Museum of African Art.


The entwined relationship between space, history and the performance of gender and what these reveal about underlying social and cultural dynamics informs her exhibitions, The Gendered Gaze, (1993); Corporeal Prospects (2007) and The Binding (2010). The multi-media installation, The Binding which examines the nature of sacrifice and gender was bought by the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art. Work from this installation was included in Heaven, Hell, Purgatory – The Divine Comedy from the Perspective of Contemporary African Artists, curated by Simon Njumi.


Her work is included in several national and international Collections including The New York Public Library, The Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, The Standard Bank Gallery, The Johannesburg Art Gallery, The Durban Art Gallery and the Isiko Museum of Cape Town.

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